Citroën Hy 1980 Foodtruck

Yea another Citroën hy converted to a food truck.

I tried to keep it looking pretty original with the right proportions on the side that opens up. 

The van has drivin around 36.000Km   in its life so far, the previous owner who bought it new here at a dealer close by has converted it to a campervan and always took verry good care of it.

Sadly it ended up under a carport with one side exposed to the elements, that side needed to be the food truck side so it needed a lot of new sheetmetal anyway. It now is completely restored and converted to a food truck.  

So this is what it ended up like.

We put in almost a complete new side, with a big panel that opens up and a fold part. Also the customer wanted a opening roof part, we took it out of a newer car and made it fit the van.

The paint and interior will be done by the customer, when its done i will show some pictures of that.