Citroën Gs(a)’s

Somehow we ended up with a few gsa's and one gs. i was looking for another daily driver since i was working on my custom dyane a lot. 

So i ended up buying an orange/red Gsa Break, it has a 1300cc engine with 5 speed, the sheetmetal isnt in a great shape but its a shopcar so often parts thrown in the back orso.


Then we walked in the local citroen dealership/parts place and he told us that he had a few gsa's and one gs for sale. Curious as we are went to take a look and decided to buy them, get them on the road again and sell a few. Within a day of posting the picture of the 4 cars on facebook we sold 2 of the cars, but all the work still had to be done since the cars where in storage for more then 20 years each. The 3th one is also sold and we decided to keep the grey gsa break for our self.

I was looking on the internet for some gsa 1300 engine's and then i found this, a 1982 Citroën Gsa Service. 
Always loved the look of the closed van's i couldn't resist not buying it, so here it is at my shop.

It came with a lot of new parts, there are new old stock rear side panels, bootlid, bumpers, ect. ect. I am looking for more new old stock parts since i want this van to be better then new when im done with it.

The plan is not to leave it stock of course, but time will tell what will happen to it. I'm not in a hurry at all with this car so who knows when it will be done.