Who we are

Jb Customs is a company started out of passion for old cars and bikes, original or custom both isn't a problem.

It all started with metalwork, creating parts out of raw steel or other materials with use of lathe's and milling machine's.

Besides that working on classic cars was always a hobby, a hobby that got abit out of control with building custom classics and sheetmetal work. More and more people started to ask for welding or sheetmetal work done on their car or bike, after a few years of going on like that the decision was made to start Jb Customs and just go for it. Now we are here, doing what i love and keeping the art of oldskool metalwork alive.

What we do

What we do is abit difficult do describe, almost nothing is impossible here.

We love challenges and always love to try new things, mostly we do sheetmetal repairs on classic cars or custom metal work on cars and bikes. Cutting a car in half to make it wider, or longer with a lot of custom touches is no problem. 

If parts don't exist anymore we can make them our self in our machine shop with cnc lathes and milling machines, also if you want to use different parts on cars or bikes that they were not made for, we can make them work. Adapter Plates to use more modern engine's or different gearboxes, Custom suspension parts, or custom parts to get more power out of your engine. It's all possible.